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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why I need to register Camel Disc Catalog?
    Camel Disc Catalog is a Shareware program. This means that you can test it for a period of 30 days. After testing the program, you must either order the full version, or delete the program from your hard disk. You can read more about payment options on this page.
  2. Why the speed of disk scanning process is a little bit slow? How to speed up it?
    Because plugins reading metadata from files. It is the longest operation during disk scan. You can switch off some plugins if you don't need additional data from and want to make a quickly and simple CD and DVD catalog.
  3. My base size is too big. How can I reduce it?
    Typically, largest part of base is pictures (thumbnails or assigned manually). You can reduce size of thumbnails picture or set larger compression level for them. If you don't need thumbnails, you can even turn it off.
  4. How to turn off all plugins?
    Use "Unassosiate all"" button on "Extensions" page in menu "Settings\Plugins"
  5. What differences between "Groups" and "Categories"?
    Groups can consist only disks (or other groups) and only one group can be assigned to disk in same time (you can create "CD" and "DVD" groups for example). Categories can be assigned not only for disk, but also for files and folders. Also one element can be assigned for several categories (you can use it to organize disks with mixed data)
  6. I search for file with "*.jpg" mask, but nothing found, even if I have such files if base.
    In CDC extension is not part of filename. If you want to find files by "*.jpg" mask just search for "jpg" and check "Extension" checkbox.