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Find a CD in a snap!

If you are like most any computer user these days you have lots of optical disks – DVD movies, MP3 collections and game installation disks. They represent a small personal fortune and contain everything you need to keep your life going. Finding a disk in such a big collection is no easy task unless you have a good memory or a CD organizer like Camel Disc Catalog.

Camel Disc Catalog is a nice CD catalog software that generates a computer database to keep track and find any disk in a snap. Just insert the disk into your CD-ROM drive and scan it. The program will automatically index the structure of files and folders, record file names and create a disk snapshot. Once the disk is scanned, you add it to the database and assign to a particular category – ‘Video’, ‘Music’, ‘Photo’ or ‘Software’. You can then add additional comments to the snapshot, such as its location in the house or the name and contacts of your pal who you lend out your disk. When you need to find the disk, run Camel Disc Catalog, browse to the snapshot and see where you put it or who borrowed the disk. Not bad, huh?


Top benefits of Camel Disc Catalog


Below is a short overview of some of the most exciting benefits you’ll enjoy by choosing Camel Disc Catalog. For a more detailed list of features, see Feature Overview.

  1. Get Started Quickly
    Camel Disc Catalog makes it easy for a total beginner to get started with a database, using the familiar Windows Explorer-style interface. Once started, the program provides an at-a-glance overview of your entire disk collection. The interface is divided into two areas – an explorer with a tree view of the database and a content viewer. The explorer shows you the database as a tree, where snapshots are organized into predefined categories, for example – ‘Music’, ‘Video’, ‘Software’, etc. Each category may contain sub-categories, for example – ‘Cartoons,’ ‘Sci-Fi’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Horror’ movies in the ‘Video’ category. You can easily move the snapshot from one category to another by drag-and-drop. Clicking on any of the disk snapshots opens its content in the content viewer. All main commands – Create Database, Scan Disk, Search, Loans – are waiting for your click on the toolbar and in the context menu!
  2. Inventory a New Disk in Two Steps
    Add a new disk to the database in two simple steps insert and scan. Take the disk and drop it into your computers CD-ROM drive, configure a few output settings, such as name, group, location and category (Video, Music, Games, or Backup) and hit Scan. Wait a few seconds for the disk to be scanned and loaded as a snapshot to the database. Now eject the CD, put in the next one and repeat the process all over again until your entire disk collection is indexed and loaded into the database. Its fast, easy and simple as scanning a barcode in one sweep.
  3. Import Cover and Description from Internet
    Search different websites for CD information and add it to the snapshot. Right-click the snapshot, select ‘Import from Web’. In the dialog that opens, type in the title of the movie and select the online database, such as to scan for a match. Camel Disc Catalog automatically connects to the database and searches for a match. If it’s not available, continue through the other database sources. Once you find what you need, import the details of the movie and its cover art in one simple click. That’s it.
  4. Browse & Search CD Collection
    Quickly find a disk or even a file using Camel Disc Catalog, rather than search through the stacks of boxes on your desk or piles of disks in the drawers. Simply go to the category where your disk is likely to be found, browse to the disk snapshot and find out the place where you put it in the comments. If your database is too big for browsing, you can still find the disk in a moment using the search box. Enter the keyword into the box and see the results that meet your search criteria. With its advanced indexing system, Camel Disc Catalog lets you drill down to whatever you may be searching for via search queries.
  5. Never Lose Sight of Loaned Disks
    Track the disks you loan to your friends with the ‘Loans’ option. When your pal wants to borrow your Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ disk, open the ‘Loans’ dialog and enter his name, loan date and due date. You may also add some extra notes for a loan. Now you will know exactly who borrowed your disk and when it’s due back without making any mental notes.
  6. Extend Functionalities with Plug-ins
    Camel Disc Catalog lets you extend is functional core through plug-ins. Currently there are plug-ins for scanning files, importing information from online websites and capturing frames from video. The available plug-ins are constantly updated.
  7. Still Not Sure? Try the Demo!
    Let the program speak for itself. Download a FREE trial version of Camel Disc Catalog now and do a self-examination for 30 days before you have to buy it.


Feature overview


  • Quickly get started with your first disk collection thanks to a friendly, task-oriented interface with a tree-like structure and “floating” windows;
  • Enjoy disk cataloguing in your own language thanks to full Unicode support;
  • Organize disks into groups and categories;
  • Add personal remarks for all elements (HTML formatting is supported);
  • Quickly find what you need with two search modes – simple and advanced;
  • Import information from a wide range if file formats thanks to plug-ins (EXIF, ID3 and many more tags are supported);
  • Distribute the database as a single file;
  • Simultaneously scan disks and work with the database thanks to multithreaded engine;
  • Change the look of the interface with a set of nice skins;
  • Know who exactly you loaned out your disk;
  • Assign nicknames to files and folders;
  • Add images to elements – groups, disks, files, folders;
  • Capture snapshots of video;
  • Import cover art and movie or games descriptions from online resources like


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I wanted to send a very big thanks to you for this program. It is exactly what I've been searching for. It's easy to use and saves me time. Great job. I look forward to seeing future releases.

Vlad F.

I tried many catalog apps, but yours is the best. Very simple with a nice interface and solid functionality. Thanks.

Victor E.

Camel Disc Catalog rocks! Keep it up!


I have more than 300 DVDs and it is takes only a few seconds to find what I need. Exceptional program.

Lars Knudsen

Thank you for this. It's the best CD catalog I ever used.

Jakub Kapralek